Project no.186

A Photographic brush

Gabriel Leitner

Curator: Rachel Sukman

Opening: Friday, 17 February 2017, 12 p.m.
Closing: Fraiday, 10 March 2017, 14 p.m.

6 Zamenhoff St. , Tel Aviv, tel.: 03-5254191
Gallery hours: Mon.- Thurs. 11a.m - 6p.m.; Fri. 11a.m.- 2p.m.




Barcelona , Spain , 2011, Transparent Echo 4
photograph on canvas
80x50 cm

Barcelona , Spain , 2012, Corridas de Toros
photograph on canvas
67x90 cm

Spain , 2011, Whirlpool in Blue
photograph on canvas
45x66 cm


Spain 2011, Dream in Blue
photograph on canvas
54x36 cm

Spain , 2011, Dream in Red
photograph on canvas
45x66 cm

Spain , 2014, Transparent Echo 5
photograph on canvas
34x50 cm


Budapest , 2011, The Grays after Dark
photograph on canvas
84x130 cm

Italy, 2010, Sunrise
photograph on paper
44x65 cm

Spain , 2012, The dragon
photograph on canvas
127x86 cm







Artist Statement

My science is art and my art is science. For years, I have been searching to find a way to sharpen my queries, without expecting to find answers. Answers are only temporary. Although science seems highly complex, in my view to function it has to be simple. My outlook on photography is similar to science. The camera is my tool to capture the essence of raw material for each creative piece and I use the computer as a second tool for my personal additional creative input. Each frame has its internal integrity and balance, raising different questions for each individual viewer stimulating in depth observation. Black and white, or monochrome, presents maximum stimulation to the viewer, challenging him/her to find relevance and meaning. Spending a year in Barcelona stimulated new sources of inspiration. In my current work, my goal is to enable the viewer to reach new understanding through the use of color in its abstract form. My art is untitled so each viewer can be exposed to the work without any preconceived notion. The art is designed to provide the viewer with a three-dimensional experience with infinite possibilities. The viewer discovers new responses and discoveries each time with different light, in varying emotional states.