Project no. 117

On opening night: Live performance of the Tal and Reut Quartet

Roee Shachar

Line 47

Curator: Rachel Sukman

Opening: Thurs. 5.8.2010
Closing: 27.8.2010  

Our new address: 6 Zamenhoff St. (near Dizengoff Square), Tel Aviv, tel.: 03-5254191
Gallery hours: Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m.- 2 p.m., Mon.-Thurs. 5-7 p.m





Happy-Hour, 2009,
Oil on Canvas 250x150

Nontrees, 2008,
Oil on Canvas 125x125

NoMo, 2008,
Oil on Canvas 170x120


The One, 2009,
Mixed media on canvas 150x250

Uncovered, 2008,
Mixed media on canvas 70x80

Spain Bar, 2010,
Oil on Canvas 60x90


Planet Garden, 2010,
Mixed media on canvas 130x130

Fan Story, 2007,
Oil on Canvas 125x125


Canned Sardines, 2006,
Pantone on paper 30x42

Early Cruise, 2007,
Pantone on paper 30x42

Eve Line, 2010,
Oil on Canvas 150x250


Sea Circus, 2006,
Pantone on paper 82x120

Fantasy, 2006,
Pantone on paper 70x120

Fugue, 2006,
Pantone on paper 30x42


Mrs. Bronzer, 2009,
Acrylic on canvas 70x90

In-Love, 2006,
Pantone on paper 70x87

Mio Mayo, 2007
Pantone on paper 30x42


Latwika, 2007,
Oil on Canvas 150x250

LL, 2010,
Mixed media on canvas 160x270

Juliet, 2006,
Pantone on paper 50x70