Project no. 105  


Vered Aharonowitz, Leigh Orpaz, Maya Bloch, Matan Ben-Cnaan, Lilach Bar-Ami, Yifat Bezalel, Meirav Heiman, Michal Chelbin, Gil Yefman, Ruthi Helbitz Cohen, Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Ohad Milstein, Naomi Mendel, Shelly Federman, Ami Faytchevitz, Gilit Fisher, Olaf Kühnmann, Leigh Orpaz , Noam Edry  

Chief Curator: Rachel Sukman
Guest Curator: Ron Bartos

Opening New Gallery & Exhibision: Thursday, 03.09.09, 8 p.m

Opening of the Exhibition Season & screening of the film Lo-li-ta: Thursday, 10

Closing: 15.10.09

Our new address: 6 Zamenhoff St. (near Dizengoff Square), Tel Aviv, tel.: 03-5254191
Gallery hours: Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m.- 2 p.m., Mon.-Thurs. 5-7 p.m




On the occasion of the opening of the gallery in it's new abode: the curator's credo

The new space of Office in Tel Aviv Gallery was designed with the exhibition visitor in mind, and not only the art works to be presented in it. The place invites the viewer for a prolonged, tranquil sojourn in an intimate atmosphere. At the same time, we have preserved the clean, white look. The space is divided in the middle by means of a supporting column, connecting and separating the open, front section from the hidden rear, through which the sun's rays pass thanks to its southern exposure.

The Gallery's move marks a new beginning not only due to the new, more spacious venue, or its more central location, which is open to the passersby on Zamenhoff Street. It is also the beginning of new thinking pertaining to the needs of the present and in the spirit of the current moment in Israeli as well as international art, without committing in advance to a closed list of artists. Everything is open to the possibilities to be dictated by the time, the place, and the works that will emerge in the coming years.

As always, the Gallery will continue to discover new as well as old talents among the artists and curators who complete their studies, while concurrently seeking and encouraging collaborations with organizations promoting a social agenda.

Lo-li-ta is a narrative generated exhibition that offers a visual voyage between the pages of Nabokov's

"Lolita". The exhibition demonstrates representations of the 'femme-fatale child', other figures, their

 relationships and characteristics. There is no directed point of view to read Lolita, a critical, physiological,

 or one concerns with sex and pedophilia, but all of those will arise out of the artworks in the show, that

 provide visual flashes for the written story.   


Rachel Sukman

Vered Aharonowitz Michal Chelbin Shelly Federman
Olaf Kühnmann Ami Faytchevitz Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
Ruthi Helbitz Cohen Matan Ben-Cnaan Gil Yefman
Lilach Bar-Ami Meirav Heiman Maya Bloch
Leigh Orpaz   Ohad Milstein