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white car wrap cost A curvy mirror can be a challenge for film wrapping.

white car wrap cost

These are some tips to wrap a Porsche's mirror using an untrimmed piece paint protection film. white car wrap cost This example will help you understand how to stretch the PPF in a safe manner and cut cleanly to achieve a high-quality result. Make sure to clean the mirror Always clean the mirror well before applying. white car wrap cost For a curvy section such as this, a tacky solution is better than a slip solution. You might even get your fingers in the material. Set the film The mirror should be painted with the paint protection film applied. Focus on the back of the mirror, white car wrap cost which is the most difficult. Secure it with your squeegee. You can also create a permanent hinge at the back to help you pull correctly and safely.

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Get going Once the piece has been locked from the back, you can pick it up again on the main surface. white car wrap cost Spray the tack solution onto the surface once again. Next, apply firm pressure to pull the paint protection foil evenly using the triangle technique. Finally, attach it to the mirror. This ensures that the film is uniformly and cleanly laid down. The main surface of the film is now flat. white car wrap cost However, there is tension. To spread out the stress, use a squeezegee to get in the middle. You can lift the material up slightly and spray more solution on the surface. Attach the film properly. Steam can be very helpful Once everything is in place, you can steam the mirror to warm up the adhesive, and secure it further. After the film cools, wipe it down with a microfiber towel. Time to trim You can use masking tape to ensure a straight cut. Some installers may prefer to make the mirror shorter. white car wrap cost Before you begin cutting, make sure to sharpen the blade. You can also cut lightly and not risk damaging the paint. Post-installation PPF post-installation is all about drying. white car wrap cost Drying the section is essential. To ensure long durability, use a heat gun on a low setting. For more wrapping tips, visit to learn the art and techniques of wrapping.

white car wrap cost